We invite you to get to know Ivy Garden Apartments of Charlottesville, Virginia! The tours below will help you to get to know the property and the surrounding community that is a part of the Ivy Garden Apartments experience.
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  • Ivy Garden One Bedroom Charlottesville Apartment

    3D Virtual Tour

    Take a 3D Tour of an Ivy Garden Apartment and see what's inside!
  • Ivy Gardens Charlottesville VA Apartments

    Property Tour

    We invite you to have a look at the beautiful Ivy Garden Apartments Grounds!
  • Aerial Views of Ivy Gardens Charlottesville Apartments

    Aerial Tour

    Use our aerial map to discover how convenient Ivy Garden Apartments is to the University of Virginia.
  • Charlottesville ApartmentDrone Tour

    Drone Tour

    Enjoy our fun drone tour and take a real-time walk from Ivy Garden to the University's Darden school.
  • Ivy Gardens Charlottesville Apartment Walking Tour

    Walking Tour

    View the REAL-TIME walk from Ivy Garden to Darden and Law School.
  • Model Tour

    Get a good look at the interior of an Ivy Garden Apartment.