Ivy Gardens UVA Apartments
  • 1. What school district is Ivy Garden located in?
  • High School – Albemarle
    Junior High School – Jouett
    Grammer School – Greer
    Private – St. Anne’s Belfield
  • 2. What is the total square footage for the apartments at Ivy Garden?
  • Apartments in Charlottesville VaOne bedroom – approx. 600 sq. ft
    One bedroom with den – approx. 800 sq. ft
    Two bedroom one bathroom – approx. 800 sq. ft
    Two bedroom two bathroom- approx. 900 sq. ft
    Two bedroom two bathroom with den – approx. 1,100 sq. ft
    Three bedroom two bathroom – approx. 1,100 sq. ft
    NOTE: square footage does vary slightly between all apartments.
  • 3. What types of window treatments are available at Ivy Garden?
  • Windows are supplied with mini-blinds and sliding glass doors are supplied with vertical blinds.
  • 4. How is parking handled at Ivy Garden?
  • Ivy Garden has plenty of parking available for residents. If you live in buildings 101 through 127 and 102 through 122 you are given a different sticker color than the upper apartments 124 through 148 and are asked to leave your vehicle in those general areas. The upper lots are given a sticker designating their parking areas. Towing is often necessary to keep the lots clear of cars that don’t belong there or are parked in the wrong areas.
    Click here to view the property layout map..
  • 5. Can I pay by Credit Card or electronic check?
  • Yes. We accept credit card payments or direct debits (E-checks) from your US-based checking account. Visit our Resident Portal to pay your rent online and enter a maintenance service request: https://ivygarden.mriresidentconnect.com/. Application Fees, Deposits and Rental payments can also be made by Cashier Check issued from a US bank, personal check, or money order. If remitting it in person, cash is NOT accepted.